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NEW 2010 Premium 6ft HDMI Cable
List Price: $59.92
Sale Price: $19.88
6 foot feet cable playstation 3 ps3 h d m i 1.3a male to male xbox 360 dvr hd dvd blu ray dvr digital video recorder sataliete tv television hdtv high definition best connection connector wire electronic video audio 1.3 HDMI gold plated cable HDTV BLU RAY PS3 XBOX 360 15FT HDMI M to DVI-D M 28AWG CABLE HDTV PLASMA DVD

for PlayStation 3 ™, Xbox 360 ™ consoles, DVR, Blu-Ray disc player and other HD devices with HDMI connections... MORE INFORMATION

Gold v1.3 HDMI Cable w/Cores LCD HDTV 1080P - - - MONSTER ULTRA HDMI PS3 6ft HDMI Gold Plated Cable For DVD HDTV LCD Plasma